Glass Doors

Glass doors are popular in offices, commercial properties, and even residential properties. They bring a contemporary look to the commercial or domestic environment. They also increase the natural light and potentially make the room look spacious; these advantages can contribute to energy saving and a positive mood for people in the room.

Commonly seen glass doors include swing doors, sliding doors, and framed doors. For swing glass doors, floor springs are essential accessories for maintaining the door’s function and safety. They also allow the doors to swing at a certain angle.

Taiwan Daedalus’ floor springs are great for swing glass doors. They are suitable for heavy traffic and heavy-duty glass doors. Our floor springs also maintain the elegant and aesthetic look of the glass door and do not deface the floor.

Email or call us now and discuss how our floor springs fit glass doors.

Floor Springs DR-680
Floor Springs DR-680
Floor Springs DR-680 H
DR-680 H
Floor Springs DR-670
Floor Springs DR-670 H
DR-670 H
Floor Springs DR-220
Floor Springs DR-620
Mini Hinge DR-020
DR-020 Mini Hinge