Heavy Duty Doors

Heavy-duty doors could mean that the doors are made of heavy-duty materials such as wood, steel, and glass. They can be doors that need to endure frequent passing, for example, the main entrances of public buildings, healthcare centers, and museums because these doors are heavily and frequently used. Therefore they need strong support and require durable and versatile heavy-duty hinges or floor springs.

Taiwan Daedalus offers heavy-duty floor springs with a 5 or 10 years guarantee, depending on the model. Our heavy-duty floor springs have a maximum load capacity of 300Kg and carry the door of a maximum leaf width of 1400mm.

Email or call us now and discuss your special product requirements for heavy-duty doors.

Floor Springs DR-680
Floor Springs DR-680
Floor Springs DR-680 H
DR-680 H
Floor Springs DR-670
Floor Springs DR-670 H
DR-670 H
Floor Springs DR-220
Mini Hinge DR-020
DR-020 Mini Hinge