We are one of the most professional manufacturers producing door closers for about 30 years. Taiwan Daedalus is producing door closer including components like pistons and pinions by using precision CNC equipment for processing so that we can fully control the quality. Also, we have got a full range of products that conform to the EN standard with the CE mark that is the most crucial one to European countries. Especially, our cam action door closers have got high efficiency performance that can meet the barrier free requirement.

Our door closers include cam action door closers, rack and pinion door closer, surface mounted door closers and concealed door closers, which are a full range of products that extend a wider usage range. You can choose different accessories to install with door hardware in different cases. Also, different finishes and coating colors of door closer are available to match interior design or wooden decoration. It makes interior design get the warm temperature and elegant atmosphere.

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