Surface Mounted Door Closers

Surface-mount door closers are the most common type of door closers and mounted to the door or header. They are quite durable and designed to fit aluminum, metal, and wood doors. Our surface-mounted door closers have dual valve closing and latching speed control. They are suitable for different installations such as standard mounting, top jamb installation, and parallel arm installations. Taiwan Daedalus’ surface mount door closers are ideal applications in light commercial, residential, business facilities, and more.

Concealed Door Closers

Taiwan Daedalus’ concealed door closers have adjustable latching action and closing speed. In addition, the single lever arm and roller assembly provide smooth and quiet door control and tracking functions. Our concealed door closers are suitable for doors weighing up to 60Kg and measuring up to 950mm wide. They can be installed on interior wood, hollow metal, and aluminum door. In addition, they work on LH and RH doors and are suitable for the push-side or pull-side.