Taiwan Daedalus has got the complete product line, it will do the best intentions to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

Our main products are door closers, floor springs, transom closers, sliding closers and door drop seals. In addition, we also produce electronic locks that can enhance the access control security.
The door closer handware are used for commercial, residential, public places, hospital, and so on.

We specialize in providing competitive products that are proven to be superior and reliable in the market.

  • Door Closers

    We are one of the most professional manufacturers producing door closers about 30 years. Taiwan Daedalus is producing door closer including components like pistons and pinion by using precision CNC equipment for processing that we can fully control the quality. Also we have got full range of products that conform to EN standard with the CE mark that is the most crucial one to European countries. Specially, our cam action door closers have got high efficiency performance that can meet the barrier free requirement.

    Our Door closers include cam action door closers, surface mounted door closers and concealed door closers. 

    Taiwan Daedalus diligently creates and marketing international.

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    Door Closer, Automatic Door Closers
  • Floor Springs

    The floor springs offer for concealed installation for maximum visual elegance and all necessary functions provided.

    We provide variety of accessories to meet different application range, no matter single or double action. Also, ensure that it can be used successfully with wide variety of door construction and floor coverings.

    Taiwan Daedalus is a manufacture for floor springs are compatible with many of the markets popular suitable ranges.

    More products information is on our website.

    We keep providing good quality of door closer and floor spring and excellent service to our valuable customers.

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    Floor Springs, Door Closer
  • Transom Closer

    The transom closer is designed to be concealed overhead within the transom header bar of the door. It provides controlled closing of a single or double action aluminum door or doors.

    The features built into the transom door have closing speed and latching speed to allow flexibility of adjustment. The hold open function is also available for selection.

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    Transom Door Closers
  • Accessories

    Taiwan Daedalus is providing to door closer accessories of stainless steel cover, parallel arm bracket, sliding track and arm, hold open arm, and more related products.

    We get quite large in product quality affirmation to uphold the rich. It has been thirty years of professional experience in manufacturing and technology, continuous researches and development in product innovation. Taiwan Daedalus has made a number of patents.

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    Door Closer Accessories, Door Closer Parts
  • Electronic Locks

    Electronic access control system provides a smart and convenient security digital life. With friendly use and simple feature, have a secure and ease access control solution.

    Daedalus is based on flexibility and rationality, the customer's self-design and brand requirements to meet customer needs. They are our biggest advantages.

    More information about electronic door locks, welcome contact us.

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    Electronic Locks, Entry Door Locks
  • Sliding Closers

    Taiwan Daedalus is a professional manufacture of control device incorporates a fluid friction resistance, one-way clutch mechanism to ensure secure control, small size, and a long service life.

    The sliding door closer is eliminated dead space to ensure high safety and will not slam shut, never need maintenance and will operate with no need for power.

    The product is easy to be installed to wooden doors or aluminum doors. And you can choose concealed or surface mounted ones.

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    Automatic Sliding Closer
  • Door Drop Seal

    The automatic drop down seal is an application for recording studios, home cinemas, meeting rooms and any other spaces.

    Door drop seal consists of lightweight aluminum housing and a light gray silicone seal. In internal mechanism lowers the seal when the door is close and raised it when the door is opened. This product gives you a high performance acoustic seal without creating friction with the floor.

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    Door Drop Seal