Door Closer DR-270

  • High efficiency door closer
  • Easy opening and powerful latching
  • Closing and latching speed adjustable
  • Suitable for internal and external door
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Back check cushion(Optional)
  • Hold open device (Optional)
  • Hold open angel is adjustable in any angle
  • Four type fixing available: pull-side door leaf installation, pull-side door transom installation, push-side door leaf installation, push-side door transom installation
  • Silver, white, black, brown coating finish available


  • Surface mounted type
  • Body dimensions: 215 (L)* 54 (H)* 32 (W) mm
  • Power size: #2-4 adjustable by spring
  • Loading capacity 40 to 80 kg
  • Suit for 850 to 1100 mm width door


  • CE certification, confirmed to EN 1154 and EN 1634 standard
  • Certification of the CNS mark, applicable CNS general number 4723 and classified number A2065.
  DR-270 DR-760 DR-790 DR-260 DR-590
Closing Force 2 to 4 2 to 4 2 to 5 3 2 to 4
Standard Doors 750 mm 35 kg          
850 mm 45 kg V V V   V
950 mm 60 kg V V V V V
1100 mm 80 kg V V V   V
1250 mm 100 kg     V    
1400 mm 120 kg          
Body Dimensions (mm) Length 215 236 260 200 236
Height 54 59 59 54 59
Width 32 37 37 32 40
Arm Standard X X X X X
      Parallel Arm Bracket X X X X X
Slide Arm V V V V V
      Slide Arm & Hold Open O O O O O
      Hold Open Arm X X X X X
Sweeping Speed Adjustment V V V V V
Latching Speed Adjustment V V V V V
Back Check Adjustable X O O X O
Delay Action X O O X O
Finishes Silver V V V V V
Brown O O O O O
Gold O O O O O
Others O O O O O
Cover Stainless Steel O O O O O